Application Form


From $3,300 per month (rates vary)

- Secured shop, includes: power, aircon & water (in rate).

- Minimum 1 month term, Maximum 5 month term

- Currently Shop 6 & 8 are available to view their locations click here to the centre floor plan.

*Above rates include GST and are current as at 1/10/19

Above rates may be subject to change without notice

NO fixtures, cooking or sale of alcohol permitted

Terms & Conditions apply, subject to approved licence agreements

Prior to lodging your application, please read over "Form A Casual Use of Mall Licence – Terms & Conditions" which you can download by clicking here.

All applications will be assessed and advised within 10 working days.  Approved applicants will receive an email advising next steps, including CML Contract and Financial terms.


  • Yanchep Central reserves the right to decline any application based on suitability or otherwise, without needing to provide an explanation or justify the decision.   

  • Yanchep Central does not accept applications for a stall to be run by joint organisations or requiring Guarantors

A. Applicant Details

Public Liability Insurance Held?
Previous Stall Holder at Yanchep Central?

Note: Do NOT complete Sections D & E if stall products and use has NOT changed since last trading at Yanchep Central

B. Request for Space Details

Preferred Shop Location
Will you be bringing your own professionally printed signage
Do you wish to hire any tables, chairs or carts from Yanchep Central

Form A Casual Use of Mall Licence – Terms & Conditions" which you can download by clicking here.

Do you wish to hire any additional display signage or materials from Yanchep Central?

Form A Casual Use of Mall Licence – Terms & Conditions" which you can download by clicking here.

C. Website & Social Media Advertising

D. About Your Stall/Business


If you selected Non-Profit, Community Organisation or Other please tell us which type

E. About Your Offering (product, service etc)

Not applicable for non-profit or community organisations

Are these products of your own design?
Are you legally authorised to sell these products?

Start Up Stall

This section to be completed by first time Stall Holders only

Upon approval -  Stall Holders will be required to submit the following via email, within 7 working days:


  1. Completed CML Contract (Form D), includes signed acknowledgement to:

□    CML Terms & Conditions (Form A);

□    CML Housekeeping Guidelines (Form C);  and

□    CML Hire Options - Terms & Conditions (Form E)

  1. Evidence of insurance as follows (and as requested by Yanchep Central):

    • ALL - Public Liability Insurance.  Note: standard requirement is minimum $20m cover;

    • Stall Holders offering products –Product Indemnity Insurance will also be required;

    • Stall Holders with employees or staff or volunteers covering, must ensure adequate Workers Compensation is in place.

    • Where relevant - professional indemnity

  2. Non-Profit Charitable Organisations must provide evidence of ACNC registration

Below is not applicable for non-profit or community organisations

  1. Remittance advice for upfront deposit – refer Clause 4 in CML Terms & Conditions

  2. Digital image/content for signage to be placed within Yanchep Central (ie: public notice boards, website or social media)

New Stall Holders to Yanchep Central will be required to provided images showing prior stall displays and products.  

Thanks for submitting!