Indoor Stall

Sunday 23rd June  trading 12pm – 4pm

Participation Fee of $25 per stall

Sunday 23rd June  trading 12pm – 4pm

Participation Fee of $25 per stall

Outdoor Car Boot styled markets

Sunday 10th November  trading 9am – 12pm

Participation Fee of $10 per bay

Applicant Details

Applicant Details

Applicant Details

Goods For Sale

Good Classifed as

Can include recycled or “pre-loved” goods.  

Prior stall, market or vendor experience
Goods Category
Indoor event only - stall space required (if interested)

Mini Market Requirements

  1. Stall holders can only sell pre-used or recycled goods (secondhand goods). NEW items are NOT permitted

  2. Stall holders are NOT permitted to sell goods that include or contain hazardous, offensive or explicit materials, food, animals, alcohol and beverages.

  3. Stall Holders must be 18 years and over

  4. Power is not supplied to any stall locations.

  5. Stall holders must bring their own display tables/shelves and chairs.

  6. Stall holders will onsite 1 hour prior to event (set up) and must be packed up 30 minutes after event time ends.

  7. Payment of Participation Fee will be required upfront should Market Event proceed and your application is approved.


Should this proposed market event proceed – then additional house rules may apply.

Proposed event may be postponed if stall numbers fall short of required number.

Centre Management may chose to decline application, with notice being provided in writing

The applicant understands and agrees with above requirements of the proposed event, with all details stated above being correct.

Thanks for submitting!